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Majestic 12 " Handmade Elephant - Papier Mache

Majestic 12 " Handmade Elephant - Papier Mache

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12" Exquisite Handmade Elephant made from Papier Mache. This elephant is a work of art and will catch your imagination with fine art work in incredible detail. 

Handmade Limited edition Honest Love Our Planet offering designed by our talented Artisans. A perfect gift to celebrate, Christmas, Valentines, Mothers day and Easter.

This Limited Editions piece is ideal for decorating home. Each elephant is hand-painted by our finest artists as part of
an exclusive limited edition series.

Made from papier Mache, this product contains wonderful fine art hand painted by ethical process and natural paints, each elephant will vary slightly due to them being hand painted.

Please contact us if you are looking to chose a particular design. We can share the list of available designs for you to choose from. Otherwise we will be Providing one of our best designs available.
P.s : All the designs are unique and limited in quantity therefore availability remains changing.
60cm x 40cm x 40cm
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